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A Cinderella Story: The Kentucky Derby Winner, Mage, and the Power of Fractional Ownership

The 149th Kentucky Derby has come and gone, but the story behind the winner, Mage, continues to capture the imagination of horse racing enthusiasts and investors alike.

In a true underdog tale, the champion racehorse was a fractionally owned asset with 400 investors holding a 25% stake in the horse through the Commonwealth app. Dalmore, is the Broker-dealer for the Reg A+ series offering app.

Fractional Ownership: Breaking Barriers in Horse Racing

Fractional ownership has been a game-changer in various industries, from real estate to fine art, by allowing smaller investors to access high-value assets. Horse racing, long considered the sport of kings, was traditionally a playground for the wealthy. However, fractional ownership has democratized the sport, allowing everyday people to invest in racehorses and share in the excitement and potential financial rewards.

In the case of Mage, 400 investors came together through the Commonwealth app, collectively holding a 25% stake in the horse. This innovative approach to horse ownership allowed these individuals to participate in the lucrative world of thoroughbred racing for a fraction of the cost typically associated with owning a racehorse outright.

The Role of Commonwealth and Dalmore

Commonwealth, a popular investment app, made it possible for these investors to come together and purchase a stake in Mage. The platform specializes in offering fractional ownership in racehorses. Mage went on to become the champion of the Kentucky Derby, an exciting journey for the 400 investors who believed in the horse’s potential.

The Future of Fractional Ownership in Horse Racing

Mage’s triumph has undoubtedly sent ripples through the horse racing community, making fractional ownership an increasingly popular investment option. As more people become aware of the potential benefits and accessibility of this investment method, we can expect to see even more racehorses with diverse ownership structures. This democratization of the sport has the potential to make horse racing more inclusive but may also lead to an influx of fresh talent, as more individuals can participate in breeding, training, and racing thoroughbreds.

Mage’s victory in the Kentucky Derby is a testament to the power of fractional ownership and its potential to revolutionize the horse racing industry. The collaboration between Commonwealth and Dalmore has played a significant role in breaking down barriers and making racehorse ownership more accessible to everyday investors. As the popularity of fractional ownership continues to grow, we can expect to see even more success stories like Mage’s, proving that the sport of kings is no longer reserved for just a privileged few.

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