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Dalmore Continues to Lead on Regulation A+ Deals

Veteran Broker-Dealer Fosters Record-Breaking Client Successes

With close to two decades of industry experience, Dalmore Group has emerged as the go-to Broker-Dealer for businesses seeking to raise money online through Reg A+, CF and D. Dalmore’s boutique approach empowers issuers to individualize their funding program at a fraction of the cost of competitors who offer multiple-party marketplace options.

Dalmore’s list of client successes is the envy of the industry, and leads the way in Regulations A+ offerings, fractionalized share offerings and primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities. Dalmore’s notable Fractional Share Platform clients include Rally, Collectable, Otis Wealth, Arrived Homes, Landa, Rhove, VINT, MyRacehorse, Concreit, Commonwealth, SongVest, Here.co, Franshares and many more.

“At Dalmore, we know what it takes for our clients to win. And we do everything we can to help them do so,” says Butler. And he adds: “But in our business, it’s more than just knowing what to do, it’s knowing how to do it. We are fortunate to have developed a deep, trusted network that we lean on, learn from, and rely upon to help our clients succeed. Dalmore’s team helps clients understand the financial market and the regulatory framework, and helps client issuers choose and exploit the crowdfunding vehicle best suited to their needs”

But it’s not all talk. Dalmore performs. From onboarding more than 210 Regulation A+ clients to having more than $3.6B in current investment offerings and a pipeline of more than $4.3B in new deals, Dalmore is, unquestionably, one of the lead players in the market. “At the end of the day, we are here to ensure that everything we do empowers our clients to raise capital at scale through Regulations A+, CF, and D. We help our clients achieve success by helping them maximize their fundraising opportunities through strategies that work,” says Butler.

With its growing record of success, Dalmore is the Broker-Dealer poised to help more and more companies raise capital online at scale through Regulations A+, CF, and D.

Contact Dalmore for more information at www.dalmorefgstg.wpengine.com.

Dalmore Group specializes in helping companies raise capital online at scale through Regulations A+, CF and D, and has onboarded more than 200 Regulation A+ issuers and covered over one million Regulation A+ investments since 2019. Learn more about how Dalmore Group is leading the way for primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities at www.dalmorefgstg.wpengine.com and keep up to date on the latest company news and information directly via Dalmore Group’s LinkedIn page.

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