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Dalmore Group Teams with Global Wine Marketplace Vinsent for Direct Reg CF Offering

Veteran Reg A+ Broker Dealer Dalmore Group announced the Reg CF launch of Vinsent, a company that is working to enhance and positively disrupt the wine industry ecosystem with a combination of innovative technology and business model, strengthening the relationship between wine lovers and selected winemakers.

According to Etan Butler, Chairman of Dalmore Group, the launch of Dalmore’s Direct CF division and pairing with Vinsent is a significant achievement. “After years of carefully analyzing the needs of Reg CF issuers, we feel that this model is a pivotal development in the Reg CF user space since its inception. Vinsent will be able to fully control everything about its offering, as they move forward on their own to assure the success of their company’s capital raising efforts. And this is what sets our platform apart from the others. With Dalmore’s Direct CF solution, our issuers aren’t thrown into a third-party marketplace-oriented platform where investors pick from available opportunities. Instead, with Direct CF, our issuers do their work individually, and as the only opportunity offered to interested investors, and we do everything we can to give our issuers the tools to succeed.”

Vinsent is a blockchain-powered digital platform. Consumers interact via an app or the website to discover new wineries and wines, learn about them and purchase directly, vineyard-to-table.

The existing disconnect between wineries and their consumers was caused by a complex and inefficient supply-chain, with many layers which are being eliminated, and replaced with Vinsent, the direct-to-consumer, vineyard-to-table showcase and marketplace. To date, Vinsent has onboarded over 100 wineries, has solved logistics and legal issues and has sold and shipped direct-to-consumers in 15 countries.

“By building the world’s first global, digital wine showcase and marketplace using blockchain and modern e-commerce technologies, Vinsent is making the wine purchasing process more transparent, direct, secure, trackable and efficient. By eliminating layers, we are directly connecting wine lovers and wineries, allowing customers to select from a wide selection of the best and exclusively priced wines,” said Jacob Ner-David, CEO and Co-Founder of Vinsent.

“We are thrilled to partner with crowdfunding industry leader Dalmore Group for our offering and look forward to welcoming a community of investors who share our vision of building a brand new wine-purchasing experience rooted in community and trust.”

“2020 global wine revenues were $324 billion with a 9.8% annualized growth (CAGR 2020-2023). We intend to capture 15% of the current online fine wine market ($5 Billion), and maintain that percentage as we help grow US wine e-commerce while expanding into other consumer geographies such as the EU and Asia”, said Gil Picovsky, COO and Co-Founder of Vinsent.

About VinsentVinsent is a blockchain-powered digital platform. Consumers interact via an app or the website. Consumers discover new wineries and wines, learn about them and purchase directly, vineyard-to-table.

Wineries join the Vinsent platform for:

  • Direct access to wine lovers,
  • To showcase their story, heritage and wines,
  • To eliminate the middlemen and fees between them and wine lovers,
  • To share the story of the wine
  • To even sell wines before they are bottled (as well as wine that is “Ready to Ship”).

Onboarding/Curation process: Wineries are invited to submit themselves as potential participants in the Vinsent marketplace. They are asked to fill out a detailed web-based form, which is used to dynamically create their profile on Vinsent. After the winery profile is completed, each wine has a dedicated web form collecting all relevant details, including harvest conditions, winemaker notes, taste profile, pictures, and video. The winery also needs to use these forms to set prices for their wines — in a completely transparent formule the winery understands what additional costs there are on top of the per bottle revenue they seek (logistics and Vinsent transaction commission). Based on this formula the consumer-facing price gets set — driven by the winery. After the above has been completed it is fact-checked by the Vinsent review team, made up of senior figures in the global wine industry, and approved for the Vinsent platform.

Visit Vinsent’s Reg CF offering page at www.investinvinsent.wine

About Dalmore Group – The Dalmore Group, member of FINRA (www.finra.org) and SIPC (www.sipc.org) is a broker-dealer offering advice and solutions to a diverse client base. Dalmore is among the more active broker-dealers in the world for Reg A+ offerings, having onboarded more than 100 such offerings in the past 2 years. With relevant industry, legal and financial backgrounds, Dalmore’s team of professionals has the necessary experience and knowledge to partner with clients and to provide strategic advice and innovative solutions for a variety of financial needs. Dalmore’s services extend to raising capital, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance advice.

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