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Dalmore Group Wins 3 Top Awards at Inaugural Equity Crowdfunding Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles

Dalmore Group Chairman Etan Butler was named the Industry Leader of the Year at the inaugural Equity Crowdfunding Awards program held in Los Angeles on Thursday night and Dalmore Group won Self-Hosting Broker-Dealer of the Year and Self-Hosting Technology of the Year. In the process, Dalmore Group, the go-to broker-dealer for Regulation A+ financing, swept all three industry awards for which it was nominated.

The awards, presented by Startup Starter as part of Equity Crowdfunding Week, were tabulated using quantitative and qualitative factors and winners were selected in a public voting process. Dalmore’s triple crown recognition came from a group of more than 80 nominees for various industry awards.

Upon learning of the result, Butler was effusive: “I am honored to be recognized as a leader in such a thriving, exciting industry. But I am even prouder of the incredible Dalmore team that has helped propel us to industry leadership heights. From the very beginning, our team has worked to provide cost-effective ways for businesses to achieve their capital raising objectives and to do so efficiently, effectively and cooperatively. Being recognized as the best self-hosting broker-dealer and as having the best self-hosting technology validates our work and recognizes the commitment and effectiveness of our team. That recognition and validation is extraordinarily satisfying.”

Under Butler’s leadership, Dalmore has become one of the most active broker-dealers in the world for Regulation A+ offerings. Since 2019, Dalmore has exceeded one million Reg A+ investments and 100,000 Reg A+ secondary trades in addition to onboarding more than 250 Reg A+ clients, exceeding $3.6 billion in current offerings, and accumulating a pipeline of over $4 billion.

KingsCrowd, the online private market’s first and most trusted data and analytics platform reports that Dalmore accounts for more than 50% of all Regulation A+ raises tracked by KingsCrowd, as well as over 50% that have opened this year alone.

A key to Dalmore’s success has been its innovative approach to self-hosted issuances. Rather than list client offerings in a shared marketplace crowded with direct competitors and others, Dalmore’s clients host their offerings on their own website or app. This allows Dalmore’s clients to be the sole beneficiary of their own marketing and promotional efforts at a fraction of the cost of the commissions that competitive marketplace platforms charge.

Butler and Dalmore have also led the way in fractionalized issuances qualified through Reg A+. With this approach, issuers release individual investment assets, one after the other, each in its own dedicated corporate structure. These offerings provide investors the opportunity to own shares of previously inaccessible assets like real estate, artwork, rare wine, racehorses, and even dinosaur fossils. Dalmore has onboarded over 50 fractional share platform issuers, including Rally, Otis, MyRacehorse, Arrived, RARES, Collectable, Commonwealth, Rhove, Landa, Vint, SongVest, Here, Franshares, Luxus, Fintor, CityFunds, and others.

These innovations, along with a commitment to creating a seamless and cost-effective experience, have established Dalmore as an innovative leader and trusted advisor within the rapidly expanding equity crowdfunding space.

“We are seeing escalated activity in both Regulation A+ and Regulation CF and we anticipate that growth will continue as more issuers succeed and as more entrepreneurs become aware of the opportunity and its potential rewards,” says Butler. “We feel privileged to be at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry and look forward to continued growth and client success.”

Dalmore Group specializes in helping companies raise capital online at scale through Regulations A+, CF, and D and has onboarded more than 250 Regulation A+ issuers and covered over 1 million Regulation A+ investments since 2019. Learn more about how Dalmore Group is leading the way for primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities at dalmorefg.com and keep up to date on the latest company news and information through Dalmore Group’s LinkedIn.

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