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Dalmore Group’s Reg A+ Activity is “High” on Cannabis

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Veteran Reg A+ Broker Dealer Dalmore Group is blazing a leadership path in the Reg A+ capital raise space for US and Canadian Cannabis issuers. Using the Reg A+ exemption, Cannabis and other companies are able to market their investment opportunities far and wide, and are able to accept investments from investors who have “accredited” status and those who are working toward that status.

Among the cannabis issuers who have worked with Dalmore to raise capital in the Reg A+ space are the following prominent industry participants, and here’s what they had to say about Dalmore: Please Note: The testimonials provided below, which are unpaid, reflect the opinions of the people quoted, and may not be representative of the experience of other customers, nor are they a guarantee of future performance or success.

Juva Life Inc., a premier California based multi-faceted life sciences company, focused on the commercialization of Cannabis products and formulations, raised over $18m through a Dalmore-assisted Reg A+ financing and is now listed on the CSE

“Etan and his team were a great assistance in navigating Juva Life through our Reg A+ raise. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to complete a successful Reg A+ financing.” – Doug Choupek, CEO

Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a new class of medicines to treat diseases with unmet medical needs, has raised over $43m with Dalmore’s help through a Reg A+ financing

“The Dalmore team was a pleasure to work with.” – Lisa Sanford, CFO

Flora Growth Corp,a vertically-integrated cannabis company striving to be a globally recognized cannabis brand by leveraging low-cost production of cannabis to supply CBD oil to their portfolio of consumer and medical brands, has raised $30m through a Dalmore-assisted Reg A+ financing

“We selected Dalmore as our BD based on their extensive experience and track record for cannabis Reg A+ offerings. Based on our own experience, I would highly recommend working with them.” – Damian Lopez, CEO

Gage Cannabis Co., a leading high-quality craft cannabis brand and operator in Michigan raised $50m (in 3 months) through a Dalmore orchestrated Reg A+ financing, and is now listed on the CSE.

“Dalmore was an exceptional partner for our financing – they are the gold standard when it comes to experience and performance with Reg A+ offerings.” – Fabian Monaco, CEO

Dalmore has also worked with many other successful cannabis Reg A+ issuers, including Infuzed BrandsZenlabsSchakelford PharmaGoldenseedWEED Inc – and Emotional Intelligence Ventures, a leader in all-natural psychedelic medicine development, and a growing pipeline of new issuers in the cannabis and psychedelic space coming to market soon.

Dalmore is the broker dealer solution for cannabis and psychedelics companies that are looking to raise up to $75 Million/year from anyone over 18 online from their own domain. With the help of Dalmore and its team of professionals, issuers get to market their brand at the same time as they are marketing their offering. They can do that without investment bankers, venture capitalists or Private Equity groups. Instead, issuers sell themselves, on their dedicated platform, and get the entire benefit of their raise.

The cannabis and psychedelics markets are experiencing rapid growth. Interest from investors of all kinds is at record levels. But issuers can’t take advantage of the opportunity if they don’t get into the game. And the fastest and most reliable way into the complex yet rewarding world of Reg A+ raising of capital is with Dalmore.

Having onboarded over 100 Reg A+ clients over the past two years, Dalmore has become the go to BD for Reg A+ issuers looking for experience, insight and added value. Dalmore has seen what works well (and not so well) and shares that knowledge and experience with its clients.

Dalmore’s Reg A+ services include:

  • 50 states registered broker-dealer with a highly noticeable track-record of primary issuance service
  • Full-service investment banking since 2005
  • Deep institutional, private equity, venture capital and family office relationships
  • Marketing guidance and experienced securities regulation compliance review
  • Deep relationships with securities and regulatory counsel to help prepare and coordinate necessary filings
  • Media and publisher knowledge and experience
  • Reg A+ broker-dealer marketplace platform distribution partners
  • Marketing and PR company guidance
  • Special volume discounted pricing at funding portals and other service providers
  • Comprehensive data security and compliance procedures
  • Ability to integrate with many third-party platforms in the management and processing of investor activity
  • Ability to integrate with various escrow or paying agents
  • Comprehensive KYC/AML services
  • Fully streamlined on-boarding, diligence, and advertising material review process
  • Secondary trading solutions through our Alternative Trading System partnerships

Dalmore offers flexible fee arrangements for Reg A+ activity, ranging from national plans to more focused regional or state specific activities.

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