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Dalmore Group’s Regulation A+ Deals Attract More Than One Million Investments

Veteran Regulation A+ Broker-Dealer Shares Early 2022 Business Update

Dalmore Group, the go-to Broker-Dealer for Fractional Share issuers under Regulation A+ financing, continued to build on the growth trajectory established in 2021 and has exceeded one million Regulation A+ investments and one hundred thousand Regulation A+ secondary trades while acting as a broker dealer of record. In the process, Dalmore has onboarded more than 210 Regulation A+ clients, has in excess of $3.6B in current, live offerings and a pipeline of offerings totaling more than $4.3B.

Dalmore’s hit parade of 2021 Regulation A+ deals included Gage Cannabis $50M, Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals $45M+, Flora Growth $29.5M+, Draganfly 19M+, Juva Life $18M, and WINC Inc. $11.5M+. And its early 2022 offerings have included Brazil Potash $37M+, Miso Robotics $36M+, Cloudastructure $32M+, Aptera Motors $34M+, Boxable $25M+, Ei.Ventures $21.6M+, Arrived $11.9M+,Legion Works $10.8M+, Tropical Racing $11M+, Graze, Inc. $8M+, Home Bistro, Inc. $6M+, ReAlpha $4.8M+, and many others.

According to Dalmore’s Chairman Etan Butler, “2022 promises to be the year in which we build on our past success and scale up our activity in response to the extraordinary industry growth we have seen quarter over quarter, as more and more companies learn about the numerous crowd funding opportunities available to raise serious money from interested investors. The trick, of course, is to understand the market and help guide issuers to the crowdfunding vehicle best suited to their needs and to give issuers the platform and help them develop the necessary tools to raise money at scale to support their funding needs.”

Dalmore boasts an industry leading 25+ fractional share platform clients for whom it provides customized primary issuance and secondary market trading services, including secondary market trading support. That expertise was developed as Dalmore focused part of its efforts on businesses that offered unique, often one-of-a-kind assets like collectables, Art, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and thoroughbred horses. And because of that focus, Dalmore has developed an expertise in the fractionalized share space that has attracted Real Estate issuers like Landa and Arrived and, more recently, Here.co, Franshares, Unwind Homes, and Fintor.

Client praise for Dalmore’s expertise and support has been impressive: According to Mike Bell, CEO of Miso Robotics, a company working to transform the restaurant industry with robotics and intelligent automation, Dalmore is the real deal. “We’ve been working with Dalmore for a couple of years. They’ve grown to be one of our most trusted partners because of the value, level of service and attention to detail they provide,” says Bell. And he adds: “I don’t know of another BD in the industry that matches the level of client service we get from Dalmore. And the best part of working with the Dalmore team is that they are always ready to work with us on new ideas and help us through complicated situations. I’m excited to see them grow and adapt to support issuers and investors as equity crowdfunding continues to grow.”

John Vlay, CEO of Graze, a leading innovator of autonomous mowing devices, also praised Dalmore. “When we were ready to move to a self-hosted offering, we sought advice from others regarding who we should look to work with. When it came to the Broker-Dealer function, Dalmore was always in the conversation. After a quick intro call with their team, we knew this was the partner for us and it’s been great to know – and see in real time – how much support the team can provide for any future capital raises.”
With its growing record of success and sustained momentum, Dalmore is the Broker-Dealer poised to help more and more companies raise capital online at scale through Regulations A+, CF, and D.

Dalmore Group specializes in helping companies raise capital online at scale through Regulations A+, CF and D, and has onboarded more than 200 Regulation A+ issuers and covered over one million Regulation A+ investments since 2019. Learn more about how Dalmore Group is leading the way for primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities at www.dalmorefgstg.wpengine.com and keep up to date on the latest company news and information directly via Dalmore Group’s LinkedIn page.

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