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Veteran Reg A+ broker-dealer Dalmore Group surpasses 70 Reg A+ offerings in the past 12 months, including some of the most successful Reg A+ offerings in history

There are more than 50 marketplace platforms available for listings by prospective Reg A+ issuers. Those platforms seek to attract the interest of investors who might be interested in the increasingly popular Reg A+ investment opportunities.  But most of the platforms charge fees to issuers of 7.5-15% and list their offering in a digital marketplace among many others – sometimes even with directly competing offerings.  

For some issuers, neither the cost nor the direct competition seems to matter.  But for most issuers, cost matters, focus matters, competition matters, and personalized service matters.  That’s because most issuers focus on the fact that they are fully responsible for their own marketing and promotion activity and benefit most from a platform that keeps costs down and provides personalized, individualized services, separate from competing offerings or involvements. 

If you are watching your expenses, and need attention focused on your individualized needs, you should at least consider the Reg A+ experience, performance and range of services provided by Dalmore Group. 

Dalmore Group provides each of its Reg A+ issuers with their own landing page (not shared with anyone else) and allows client issuers to be the exclusive beneficiaries of their marketing dollars and efforts.  All web traffic that flows to client landing pages stays with the client and doesn’t risk loss of potential investors to other projects.  And Dalmore is able to provide that and other issuer-related service and opportunities to its clients at a fraction of the cost of competing marketplace platforms.

On this, the numbers speak for themselves.  Over the past 12 months, Dalmore has been broker dealer of record on more than 70 Reg A+ offerings – far exceeding its closest competitors. “We understand the market. We help navigate the regulatory process. And we are familiar with most of the key players in the investment and legal communities. That’s particularly helpful to companies seeking larger investment amounts through the Reg A+ vehicle” says Dalmore’s Chairman, Etan Butler.

Dalmore is accepting issuer applicants seeking to raise up to $50,000,000 per year through Regulation A+. In order to qualify for our program, issuers must be prepared to launch a marketing campaign for their offering and be able to provide and pass the due diligence requirements of Dalmore.

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