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Veteran Reg A+ Broker-Dealer Dalmore Group’s 2021 Year End Update

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–2021 was another banner year for Dalmore Group. The veteran Reg A+ broker continued its trajectory of growth, and more than doubled its prior year’s new clients – as it moved from 85 Reg A+ clients in 2020 to more than 175 through 2021.

And the impressive news does not end there. Dalmore’s current $2B in active Reg A+ deals will be overshadowed by its pipeline of an additional $3B in Reg A+ deals set to roll out in the coming months. This growth is consistent with the upward trend of Dalmore’s Reg A+ deals in 2021, in which Dalmore’s Reg A+ issuers raised over $340M – a disproportionate percentage by a single broker dealer of all such reported deals to date.

Notable Dalmore Reg A+ deals include Gage Cannabis $50M, Flora Growth $29.5M+, Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals $45M+, Juva Life $18M, Draganfly 19M+ and WINC Inc. $11.5M+. And within Dalmore’s active pipeline it supports Ei Ventures with $20M+, Miso Robotics $35M+, Cloudastructure $30M+, Aptera Motors $26M+, Schackelford Pharma $10M+, Legion Works $10M+, Brazil Potash $34M+, and many others.

In March of 2021, the SEC increased Reg A+ limits from $50M to $75M/year (and Reg CF from $1.07M to $5M/year). Dalmore is an industry leader on both platforms. Many of Dalmore’s Reg A+ clients maxed out in their initial raises, and are now on their second offering, seeking up to $75M. Other successful Reg A+ Dalmore clients have gone public after successful Reg A+ offerings.

Dalmore also reports an increase in Security Token Offerings (STO) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) issuance through Reg A+, in addition to the use of Reg A+ by private REITs as a means to raise capital. And Dalmore has significantly expanded its reach in the area of Reg A+ fractional share “series issuers,” with an industry leading 20 fractional share platform clients to whom Dalmore provides customized primary issuance and secondary market trading services, including secondary market trading support. These innovative issuers develop their own apps and establish communities of investors, providing investors the opportunity to build portfolios and trade unique assets. Live platforms associated with Dalmore include Rally, Otis, Landa, Vint, Rares, MyRacehorse, Arrived Homes, Collectable Sports Assets, Concreit and Commonwealth – and platforms preparing to launch soon include Rhove, MyIncome Property, Walreit, NestInvest, Prosper Maven, Fintor, Songvest, and many others.

As part of the expansion of its offerings during 2021, Dalmore launched DalmoreDirect, its Reg CF platform solution for issuers seeking to raise $3-5m through Reg CF – often as a bridge to a larger Reg A+ offering. Using Dalmore’s historic market innovation approach, DalmoreDirect challenges the traditional marketplace approach by empowering issuers to take full control of their offerings on their own dedicated website. Dalmore’s Reg CF issuers are the sole name listed and the sole beneficiary of their own marketing and promotional efforts, while maintaining full visibility to critical site analytics and investor activity. Dalmore celebrated one of the industry’s first oversubscribed $5M Reg CF offerings, Trust Stamp, in 2021.

Looking ahead to 2022, Dalmore plans to expand access and liquidity for its clients as it works with its partners to bridge the gap between institutional and retail investors. In that process, large financial institutions will be using technology to access the retail investor base, thereby creating additional pockets of liquidity. Dalmore expects some of the largest U.S. financial institutions to explore expansion of their portfolios through Reg A+ opportunities in order to recapitalize and to grow their investor base.

Dalmore remains committed to innovation and customized service to its clients as an industry leader for both Reg A+ and CF industries, bringing a unique blend of experience and expertise – along with an unparalleled network of experienced, efficient and cost-effective law firms, technology platforms, marketing companies, financial publications, auditors, transfer agents and syndication partners.

Dalmore is the first call for issuers looking to launch a Reg A+ or Reg CF capital raise.


Dalmore Group specializes in helping companies raise capital online at scale through Regulations A+, CF and D, and has onboarded over 175 Reg A+ issuers since 2019. Learn more about how Dalmore Group is leading the way for primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities at www.dalmorefgstg.wpengine.com and keep up to date on the latest company news and information directly via Dalmore Group’s LinkedIn page.


Media Contact:
Trisha Larocchia
North 6th Agency

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