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Commonwealth Launches Reg A+ Platform With Dalmore Group

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dalmore Group welcomes Commonwealth, a new player in the rapidly expanding Reg A+ series issuer arena, that allows anyone over the age of 18 to buy ownership interests in world-class racehorses, starting at just $50 per share.

“As the leading broker in Reg A, Dalmore was the clear choice for Commonwealth.”

Commonwealth offers investors the opportunity to become partial owners of prized racehorses, with non-stop action, ongoing digital content, race day parties and events, stable tours, and more.

Commonwealth’s world-class bloodstock team identifies and acquires quality racehorse or race prospects from around the world and offers investors an opportunity to buy shares in each of the horses for modest per share costs, thereby opening up an opportunity to invest in the world of racehorse investing to everyday investors. Commonwealth recently announced a strategic partnership with WinStar — winners of the 2018 Triple Crown — and is preparing to take a number of offerings live in the coming weeks.

“As the leading broker in Reg A, Dalmore was the clear choice for Commonwealth.” – Brian Doxtator, CEO

You can join Commonwealth’s growing community of investors here: https://www.joincommonwealth.com/

Dalmore has already shepherded several significant Reg A+ Series “fractionalized ownership” issuers to market – including Rally RoadCollectableOtis WealthMyRacehorseArrived HomesMythic MarketsArk7, and many others. Dalmore has also helped Series Issuers build secondary trading solutions for their investors, so that fractional investors in a Reg A+ deal who want to trade their asset, now also have a secondary market in which they can do so.

One of the benefits of Reg A+ securities is that there is no minimum holding period of the shares, meaning you are free to sell your shares once the primary offering is complete (unlike Reg D which has a 1 year lock up). This path to liquidity, in bite size share increments, has led to an explosion of investor/shareholders and a rapidly expanding secondary marketplace for these private securities.

Dalmore’s Reg A+ Series Issuer Service

Having onboarded over 100 Reg A+ clients over the past two years, Dalmore has become the go to BD for Reg A+ issuers looking for experience, insight and added value. Dalmore has seen what works well (and not so well) and shares that knowledge and experience with its clients.

Dalmore’s Reg A+ services include:

  • 50 states registered broker-dealer with a top track-record of primary issuance service
  • Full-service investment banking since 2005
  • Deep institutional, private equity, venture capital and family office relationships
  • Marketing guidance and experienced securities regulation compliance review
  • Deep relationships with securities and regulatory counsel to help prepare and coordinate necessary filings
  • Media and publisher knowledge and experience
  • Reg A+ broker-dealer marketplace platform distribution partners
  • Marketing and PR company guidance
  • Special volume discounted pricing at funding portals and other service providers
  • Comprehensive data security and compliance procedures
  • Ability to integrate with any third-party platform in the management and processing of investor activity
  • Ability to integrate with any escrow or paying agent
  • Comprehensive KYC/AML services
  • Fully streamlined on-boarding, diligence, and advertising material review process
  • Secondary trading solutions through our Alternative Trading System partnerships

Dalmore offers flexible fee arrangements for Reg A+ activity, ranging from national plans to more focused regional or state-specific activities.

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