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Dalmore Group Teams with FanVestor for Inaugural Direct CF Deal

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Veteran Reg A+ broker-dealer Dalmore Group announced the launch of Direct CF, the company’s Regulation CF platform, and its inaugural partner, FanVestor. On the Direct CF platform, FanVestor will get the benefit of a direct, cost-effective, and open access Reg CF solution for its capital raising activities.

“Dalmore Group are leaders in the industry, and we are thrilled to have been chosen as their inaugural partner. It reinforces and validates our platform and business model.”

According to Etan Butler, Chairman of Dalmore Group, the launch of Direct CF and pairing with FanVestor is a significant achievement. “After years of carefully analyzing the needs of Reg CF issuers, we feel that this move is a pivotal development in the Reg CF user space since its inception. FanVestor, our first issuer, will be able to fully control everything about its offering, as they move forward on their own to assure the success of their company’s capital raising efforts. And that’s what sets our platform apart from the others. With Direct CF, our issuers aren’t thrown into a third-party marketplace-oriented platform where investors pick from available opportunities. Instead, with Direct CF, our issuers do their work individually, and as the only opportunity offered to interested investors, and we do everything we can to give our issuers the tools to succeed.”

“Athletes, artists and media entertainment celebrities have become super brands, leveraging their social media following to activate their fan base in support of their personal projects and business endeavors,” said Michael Golomb, CEO and Founder of FanVestor. “Dalmore Group are leaders in the industry, and we are thrilled to have been chosen as their inaugural partner. It reinforces and validates our platform and business model.”

For Direct CF, the operative words are “Direct,” “Cost Effective,” and “Open Access.” And here’s what it means:

Direct – Aggregator CF platforms of our competitors showcase hundreds of offerings. Investors may come for one offering but wind up shopping among the choices, losing focus on why they came to a CF platform in the first instance, and end up investing in a competitive offering. With Direct CF, our focus is on our individual issuer partners – with its own offering page and focused only the that issuer’s offering.

Cost-Effective – The fee structure of Direct CF is different than other Crowdfunding platforms. Those reduced fee demands enable issuers like FanVestor to maximize its investor raise rather than pay more to its broker-dealer. On average, the cost of Direct CF’s services is over 50% lower than most marketplace-oriented CF platforms.

Open Access – Issuers need ready access to their site data and analytics in order to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. That information control helps issuers focus on their capital raising efforts. And it is through the data compilation and analytics of Direct CF that partner issues get necessary data integration in a secure and regulatory compliant manner.

According to Mr. Butler, Direct CF’s choice to begin its CF activities with FanVestor is a win-win. FanVestor is a micro-securitization platform that allows accredited and non-accredited fans to invest in their favorite talent brands. With FanVestor, these talent brands will have a platform that allows them to raise capital (within regulatory constraints) for various projects and offer exclusive benefits to their fans for their associated participation. And the ability to partner with the Direct CF platform of one of the industry’s premier broker dealers simply enhances FanVestor’s credibility and overall investor credibility.

About FanVestor – FanVestor is a global all-in data-driven fan investing and fan commerce platform, accessible by Website and app, designed for elite talent, musicians, and athletes, as well as entertainment, sport, and e-sport organizations. FanVestor will offer a new way to engage with your favorite celebrities and athletes through what we call Initial Talent Offerings™ (ITO) and Initial Entertainment Offerings™ (IEO). With FanVestor, you will be able to receive an actual investment in your favorite artists and athletes and participate in exclusive rewards and experiences, such as priority access, enhanced fan experiences, and other benefits. Social media has made celebrities super brands, and FanVestor will allow them to capitalize on this by raising capital subject to regulatory constraints, for various projects and offer exclusive rewards to their fans for their participation in each raise.

About Dalmore Group – The Dalmore Group, member of FINRA (www.finra.org) and SIPC (www.sipc.org) is a broker-dealer offering advice and solutions to a diverse client base. Dalmore is among the more active broker-dealers in the world for Reg A+ offerings, having served as broker-dealer on more than 50 such offerings in the past 12 months. With relevant industry, legal and financial backgrounds, Dalmore’s team of professionals has the necessary experience and knowledge to partner with clients and to provide strategic advice and innovative solutions for a variety of financial needs. Dalmore’s services extend to raising capital, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance advice.

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