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Reg A+ and Reg CF the Dalmore Way

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Companies raising capital through Regulation A+ and Regulation CF have an important decision to make. Should they list their offering on a marketplace platform in direct competition with multiple other offerings on the same platform, or should they list their offering on their own website, where they are the only offering listed.

The decision is not all that simple. But, if your offering is unique and independently compelling, a stand-alone listing is an obvious choice. But even if your offering is similar to others – in the same market space or otherwise similarly situated – you will still benefit from an independent listing if you are relying on your company’s marketing efforts to attract targeted investors. And it will cost you less.

There are, of course, benefits to a marketplace platform. With many offerings listed together, the likelihood of more people visiting the site is pretty high. But there is a risk that potential investors might get distracted, or gravitate toward competitive or different opportunities, even when they first come to the marketplace site to explore your opportunity.

At Dalmore, our approach has always been the development and promotion of individualized offerings. Our clients promote their brand, attract their potential investors, and sell their opportunity on dedicated web pages, where no one is distracted by extraneous glitter.

Since 2019, Dalmore Group has onboarded more than 150 Reg A+ issuer clients, and a steadily growing number of Reg CF issuers. Our clients recognize the importance of targeted marketing and promotion to support a successful offering, and understand the benefits of full control and visibility of site analytics and investor activity afforded to them by utilizing their own domain to offer their listing.

Dalmore’s model allows issuers maximum control and authorship over their funding destiny, at a fraction of the cost of multiple-party marketplace options.

Dalmore understands the importance of efficiency, reduction in competitive friction, smooth and undistracted issuer and investor user experience, reduced transactional costs and access to the analytics required to measure ROI and ROAS.

A Reg A+ and Reg CF offering is a team effort. Dalmore provides Issuers with access to its team of independent, experienced and effective legal advisors, accountants, investor acquisition specialists, PR firms, syndication platforms, financial publications, transfer agents and escrow and payment processing providers.

Dalmore is leading the way for primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities.

Contact Dalmore for your Reg A+ effort to raise up to $75m/year and Reg CF application to raise up to $5m/year. In order to qualify for our program, issuers must be prepared to launch a marketing campaign for their offering and be able to provide and pass all of our standardized and regulatory compliant due diligence requirements.

Visit us at: www.dalmorefgstg.wpengine.com

Etan Butler, Chairman
Dalmore Group, LLC

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