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Rhove and Arrived Leverage Dalmore Group’s Regulation A+ Expertise to bring Fractionalized Investment to an Untapped Market

New York – (Business Wire) – Jan 27, 2022. For more than 17 years, Dalmore Group has been instrumental in helping companies raise capital online at scale through Regulation A+, CF and D, and has become the go-to Broker-Dealer for issuers looking for experience, insight and efficiency.

Dalmore has sheparded several big name Regulation A+ Fractional Share “Series” platform issuers to market and has been particularly adept at driving successful factionalized ownership opportunities in the ever-changing real estate market. Two prominent Dalmore clients, Rhove and Arrived, share how a Regulation A+ Series offering can bring unique and sought-after opportunities to an investor base, and why fractionalized investment is the most important step in providing access to previously unattainable assets within a broader market.

“We chose to partner with Dalmore Group because they are one of the market leaders when it comes to partnering with innovative tech companies,” said Calvin Cooper, co-founder and CEO at Rhove. “Owning real estate is getting further out of reach and there is an urgent need to provide more ways for people to invest in and own the places we live, work and play.”

Ryan Frazier, co-founder and CEO of Arrived Homes echoes that statement. “We are seeing investment dollars shift between different verticals in real estate and fractional ownership empowers investors to diversify across many properties and cities. Certain asset classes like office buildings are seeing uncertainty as the remote work culture gains momentum, while the residential asset class, especially single family homes, has seen lots of interest from both homeowners and investors alike. Our customers really care about trust and security when making their investments and we chose Dalmore as our broker dealer partner for their experience and innovation supporting Regulation A+ issuers.”

In this use case, the  Regulation A+ Series Issuer does not sell shares of its business. Rather, the issuer has been qualified to raise up to $75m/year to syndicate physical and digital assets, including real estate deals. The issuers launch apps with cutting edge user experience and help create communities of investors who are able to build their own portfolios of things they’ve always dreamed about – but could not imagine owning.

Thanks to both Rhove and Arrived, participating in owning the places around us has never been more attainable. With Arrived, investors can build a portfolio of world-class assets without the typical responsibilities of owning property. This is a compelling proposition for any potential investor whether they have been managing a portfolio for a while or are new to the process. Rhove’s app makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone and a few dollars to invest in the places they love and gives them an opportunity to truly shape the communities they live, work and play in.

“Ownership bestows more than financial benefit. It cultivates our sense of citizenship and social responsibility. Democracy is strongest when everyone has ownership. Making land ownership accessible to every member of society by dividing it into small quantities is something that the founding fathers of America wrote about, including our 2nd President and Constitutional Framer, John Adams. Fractional real estate ownership is hundreds of years in the making. The time is now,” said Cooper.

One of the benefits of Regulation A+ securities is that there is no minimum holding period of the shares, meaning you are free to sell your shares once the primary offering is complete (unlike other Regulation D offerings, which have a one year lock up). This path to liquidity, in bite size share increments, has led to a significant increase of investor/shareholders and a rapidly expanding secondary marketplace for these private securities.

And, according to Frazier, this market will continue to evolve. “We are seeing the retail investing market continue to expand beyond the traditional US equity and debt asset classes. Retail investors are flocking to alternative assets such as crypto, real estate, art and collectibles thanks to a new wave of companies that are removing the barriers that have existed in the past. We anticipate that in 5 years the retail investing market will look vastly different than it does today.” 

Having onboarded over 175 Regulation A+ clients since 2019, Dalmore has become the go-to broker dealer for Regulation A+ issuers looking for experience, insight and added value. Dalmore offers flexible fee arrangements for Regulation A+ activity. Learn more about Dalmore Group’s Regulation A+ services at Dalmorefg.com.


Dalmore Group specializes in helping companies raise capital online at scale through Regulations A+, CF and D, and has onboarded over 175 Regulation A+ issuers since 2019. Learn more about how Dalmore Group is leading the way for primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities at www.dalmorefgstg.wpengine.com and keep up to date on the latest company news and information directly via Dalmore Group’s LinkedIn page.

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