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The Future is Fractional

Early trailblazers in the realms of real estate, art, music, unique collectibles, fine wine, and various other alternative assets have been fractionalizing high-value assets. By offering freely tradable shares to individuals aged 18 and above through the Regulation A+ securities exemption, these pioneers, are democratizing access to these assets.

For Dalmore, we believe an issuer achieving success not only requires unwavering entrepreneurial determination and concentrated execution but also hinges on several crucial factors. These include maintaining a robust operating business capable of generating high-quality investment opportunities on a large scale, employing top-notch, seamless, and compliance-enhanced technology/vendors/applications, and effectively scaling community growth and user engagement.

Key Success Factors for Fractional Investing Issuers:

  1. Robust Operating Business: A successful issuer must have a solid operating business capable of producing high-quality investment opportunities at scale. Fractional investment issuers are building a community for a long term business vs. a one or single-off raise.
  2. Advanced Technology and Vendors: Issuers must adopt world-class, frictionless, and compliance-optimized technologies and vendors to facilitate the fractional investing process. Dalmore stays ahead of the curve by providing top-tier technology solutions and continuously refining our product offerings.
  3. Community Growth and User Engagement: To thrive in the fractional investing space, issuers must effectively scale community growth and drive user engagement. Dalmore is dedicated to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of vendors and resources, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration.

Our deal room highlights the specific segment of Dalmore clients that demonstrates the direction in which the private capital markets are moving. View our current and upcoming series issuers here.

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